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My one goal with this page is to share music to the masses, as cheesy as that sounds. Over the years, I've been working on archiving as much electronic music related material as I could.

Digging through it seems like a massive chore as my organisation skills are on par with a sack of assorted ocean garbage patch plastic and, upon further analysis, it all seems to be fragmented mp3s, incomplete discographies, and corrupted files. So I primarily decided to share wonderful resources compiled by other people who are cleanlier than me, at least, in a digital organisation manner. A compilation of compilations so to speak.

I know, it sounds lazy. This site is dedicated to other people hard work, but sharing is caring. And if people don't know where to find the great free info of the net, then something needs to be done about it! Thus, TeKREsource was born! I want the information linked in this blog to be free to access as i'd never ask someone to pay for some archived sources that only contain field recordings, or rips from some dusty old spoken word cassettes.

I want to thank Dr. Adam Parkinson of SouthBank University for turning me towards some of these electronic music related treasure-troves of info. I am always looking for more resources to add to this list, so feel free to contact me.

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