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Late last night, I was browsing the ol' internet archive like the sexless nerd I am, and I came across a collection I've never seen before. Needless to say, my ears ached the next morning and I couldn't be any happier. Yes, you read that right. 78 fucking gigs of Gabber, Hardcore, Speedcore, Noisecore, Terrorcore, Breakcore, and whateverthefuckyouwannacallitcore! Although it could do with a little Praxis Records here and a bit of Storm Records Scotland there, it's one of the most compleate collection of old school to somewhat new school hardcore I've seen besides Piteronio's youtube uploads of course. Take a 300mg pill and enjoy this blitz.

Unless you have great internet, I would suggest downloading A-Z, little by little, or browsing and picking out what you want. I have horrible internet speeds at the moment so grabbing this all at once is a pipe dream and I also don't want the roommates complaining when their netflix starts to buffer endlessly.


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